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Dr. Chiara Chilla, Ph. D.
University of Geneva

Campus Biotech

CISA - University of Geneva

Chiara Chillà

Ph.D. candidate

Chemin des Mines 9

1202 Genève



I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Psychology at the University of Lausanne (2006-2009); I then moved to the University of Geneva to pursue my education (2009-2011) where I obtained my Master degree in Sciences specializing in cognitive and clinical psychology. While my master degree, I worked as a research assistant for the cognitive department where I conducted experiments on spatial attention and eye movements. For my thesis, I worked in collaboration with the Hospital of Geneva under the supervision of Professor Alan Pegna on the perception of human body through the use of behavioral and electrophysiological experiments. Eager of having an international work experience, directly after my graduation, I joined the Nestlé Research Center in Lausanne. I worked as a behavioral research assistant in the Consumer and Sensory Group (2011-2014). My main work was to understand the behavioral components (body gestures, facial expressions) of consumer-product/packaging interactions and their emotional outcomes. In particular, I was in charge of the organization, collection and analyses of the behavioral studies in the consumer laboratory. In addition, I was responsible to train technicians and research assistants on behavioral coding and to perform external/internal consumer laboratory visits for my group. The combination of multicultural environment together with challenging and innovative projects on sensory sciences to public health gave me the opportunity to enhance professionally.

Current Research

Motivated to deeply investigate the relationship between chemosensory perception (i.e., olfactory and flavor perception) and emotion, I decided to start in March 2015 a PhD in psychology. I’m currently pursuing my doctoral degree on a EmOdor project that results from a partnership between the University of Geneva and Firmenich S. A.. My research focuses on psychological features of the core pleasure process elicited by odors, including the relation of hedonic “liking” to motivational “wanting”.