Séminaire de Recherche en Linguistique

Ce séminaire reçoit des conférenciers invités spécialisés dans différents domaines de la linguistique. Les membres du Département, les étudiants et les personnes externes intéressées sont tous cordialement invités.

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Titre Inner Speech, Generalized Merge and the architecture of UG
Conférencier Andrea Moro (Università di Pavia)
Date mardi 21 novembre 2017
Heure 12h15
Salle L208 (Bâtiment Candolle)

What kind of electrophysiological information is implemented by neurons in non-acoustic areas during language production? The exploration of inner speech offers a unique opportunity to approach this issue, which goes beyond the localization paradigms. Recent experiments based on awake surgery techniques show that during language production the code exploited by neurons contains acoustic information even in higher areas during and even during inner speech (Magrassi et al. 2014). After illustrating these results and their implications I will highlight the surprising convergence with an independent proposal predicting these findings from the point of view of a purely formal theory aiming at explaining some apparently idiosyncratic morphological properties of the English verb system (Kayne 2016).

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