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  • How can single sensory neurons predict behavior?
    Pitkow, X., Liu, S., Angelaki, D.E., DeAngelis, G.C., Pouget, A.
    Neuron. In press. 2015.
  • Young Children Bet On Their Numerical Skills: Metacognition in the Numerical Domain
    Vo, V.A., Li, R., Kornell, N., Pouget, A. and Cantlon, J.F.
    Psychological Science. 25(9):1712-21. 2014. PDFDiscover Magazine.
  • Information-limiting correlations
    Moreno-Bote, R., Beck, J., Pitkow, X., Kanitscheider, I., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
    Nature Neuroscience. 17(10):1410-7. 2014. PDF.Supplementary Info
  • Optimal multisensory decision-making in a reaction-time task
    Drugowitsch, J., DeAngelis, G.C., Angelaki, D.E. and Pouget, A.
    Elife. doi: 10.7554/eLife.03005. 2014. PDF.
  • Probabilistic brains: knowns and unknowns
    Pouget, A., Beck, J., Ma, W.J., Latham, P.
    Nature Neuroscience 16:1170-1178. 2013. PDF.
  • Not noisy, just wrong. The impact of approximate inference on neuronal and behavioral variability.
    Beck, J., Ma, W..J., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
    Neuron. 74(1):30-9. 2012. PDF.
  • Neural correlates of reliability-based cue weighting during multisensory integration.
    Fetsch, C.R., Pouget, A., DeAngelis, A.G.C. and Angelaki, D.E.
    Nature Neuroscience. 15(1):146-54.818. 2012. PDF.
  • Marginalization in neural circuits with divisive normalization.
    Beck, J., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
    Journal of Neuroscience. 31(43):15310 –15319. 2011. PDF.
  • Bayesian sampling in visual perception
    Moreno-Bote, R., Knill, D.C., and Pouget, A.
    PNAS. 108(30):12491-6. 2011. PDF including suppl info.
  • Behavioral and neural basis of near optimal visual search.
    Ma, W.J., Navalpakkam, V., Beck, J.M. , van den Berg, R., Pouget, A.
    Nature Neuroscience. 14(6):783-90. 2011.
    PDF. Suppl info.
  • Perceptual learning as improved probabilistic inference in early sensory areas
    Bejjanki, V.R., Beck, J.M. , Lu, Z.L. , Pouget, A.
    Nature Neuroscience. 14(5):642-8. 2011. PDF. Suppl info.
  • Variance as a signature of neural computations during decision making
    Churchland, A.K., Kiani, R., Chaudhuri, R., Wang, X.J., Pouget, A., and Shadlen, M.N.
    Neuron. 69(4):818-31. 2011. PDF
  • Improved probabilistic inference as a general learning mechanism with action video games
    Green, C.S., Pouget, A. and Bavelier, D.
    Current Biology. 2010 Sep 14;20(17):1573-9. PDF.mSuppl info
    BBC podcast. Summaries on The economist and BBC
  • Probabilistic population codes for Bayesian decision making
    Beck, J., Ma, W.J., Kiani, R., Hanks, T., Churchland, A.K., Roitman, J., Shadlen, M.N, Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
    Neuron. 26;60(6):1142-52. 2008. PDF Suppl Note
    Preview by Salinas
    . Summaries on CNN and Scientific American
  • Bayesian inference with probabilistic population codes
    Ma, W.J., Beck, J., Latham, P. and Pouget, A.
    Nature Neuroscience. 9(11), 1432-1438. 2006. PDF Suppl Note
    N&V by Salinas
  • Neural correlations, population coding and computation
    Averbeck, B., Latham, P.E., Pouget, A.
    Nature Review Neuroscience. 7, 358-366. 2006. PDF
  • Reference frames for representing the location of visual and tactile stimuli in the parietal cortex
    Avilllac, M., Denève, S., Olivier, E., Pouget, A. and Duhamel, J.R.
    Nature Neuroscience. 8(7). 941-949. 2005. PDF
  • Tuning curve sharpening for orientation selectivity: coding efficiency and the impact of correlations
    Series, P., Latham, P. and Pouget, A.
    Nature Neuroscience. 7(10):1129-1135. 2004. PDF
  • Basis functions for object-centered representations
    Deneve, S. and Pouget, A.
    Neuron 37:347-359. 2003. PDF
  • A Computational Perspective on the Neural Basis of Multisensory Spatial Representations
    Pouget, A., Deneve, S and Duhamel, J.R.
    Nature Review Neuroscience. 3:741-747. 2002. PDF
  • Computational approaches to sensorimotor transformations
    Pouget, A., and Snyder, L.
    Nature Neuroscience. 3:1192-1198. 2000. PDF
  • Information processing with population codes
    Pouget, A, Zemel, R.S., and Dayan, P.
    Nature Review Neuroscience. 1(2):125-132. 2000. PDF
  • Reading population codes: a neural implementation of ideal observers
    Deneve, S., Latham, P.E. and Pouget, A.
    Nature Neuroscience. 2(8):740-745. 1999. PDF