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The domain and all the associated sub-domains are property of University of Geneva. All the intellectual property rights of the website presented in this domain, together with its contents (including, amongst others, texts, animations, images, sounds, audio, documents or software), used either individually or jointly, are of the exclusive property of University of Geneva or are offered with the appropriate authorization of their entitled authors, in accordance with the agreements signed with them. Consequently, all the contents (texts, graphs, photographs, logos, icons, images, graphic designs, software, etc.) are bound to intellectual property rights and protected under national and international legislation.

The reproduction, use, modification and distribution of the contents in any type of medium (paper, CD-Rom, website) are totally forbidden without written authorization by the holder of the copyright.

University of Geneva reserve the right to make, at any time and without prior notification, whatever modifications, variations, removals or deletions of the contents and with the presentation format that they consider appropriate, be it either temporally or definitely, being the user responsible at all times for the use of the updated versions. This faculty does not give the users any right to receive compensation for damages.
Instructions for use

The user may visualize the different contents, print or store them, so long as they are exclusively for their personal use, and therefore its distribution, public communication or exploitation in any way, its use for commercial purposes and its modification or alteration, is strictly forbidden. The user may download resources for personal use (photocopiable sheets, syllabi, etc.), and use them with their students in the classroom, knowing that they are subject to the copyright of University of Geneva and /or their authors, while the total or partial reproduction for purposes other than those mentioned, are forbidden.

1. Treatment of private data

The user authorizes University of Geneva, to automate the treatment of the personal data, voluntarily provided through the forms, e-mails or by any other means. The user will answer for the truthfulness of the data provided. The mentioned companies reserve the right to exclude from the registered services, all those users who have provided false data, without prejudice to proceeding according to the law in other actions.

This data may be used in statistic studies, to inform of modifications in the service or for sending information requested regarding products that could be of interest to the different entities. In neither of the cases can the data be conveyed or assigned to third parties, without the prior and specific consent from the user, unless it is demanded by the maintenance service or requested as an improvement to the service. In any case, the transfer of the data will be limited by the Swiss legislation regarding data protection.

The personal data will be treated according to the established in the mentioned Constitutional Law 15/1999, of Personal Data Protection. Therefore, the user may exercise the rights that the law confers regarding access, modification, deletion and objection of their personal data. Any registered user may exercise this right by means of a written communication addressed to: University of Geneva, Bd du Pont-d’Arve 40, CH-1211 GENÈVE 4.

2. Surfing the websites

In the domain, anonymous information is obtained regarding its visitors, which means that this information cannot be associated to a specific and identified user. In this way, information is obtained regarding the domain name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP) that gives them access to the network, the date and time of access to our website, the Internet address of the starting point of the link that goes to our website, etc.

The website can use cookies, small files containing data that is generated in the user’s computer, allowing us to know the frequency of the visits, the contents which are mostly selected and the security elements that can intervene in the control of access to restricted areas. The user has the option of not allowing these cookies to be generated, by selecting the corresponding option on the browser program.

3. Obligations

University of Geneva are not responsible for the truthfulness or academic accuracy of the information and opinions, given by the authors of the contents and collaborators of the web page. Likewise, they are not, directly nor in any subsidiary way, responsible for the possible claims that could derive from the contents of the third parties’ websites, to which access has been made available from the actual website. The links that appear on this website are exclusively used for informing the users of other sources of information that exist on the Internet, and where more data related to that offered on this web page, can be found. In no case will University of Geneva be responsible for the results obtained through these hyper textual links.

University of Geneva, in good faith, publish on their website the contributions of their collaborators. They are not responsible of those who use, in a non-authorized way, the contents offered by the third parties or infringe the laws in force, regarding intellectual property rights.

University of Geneva are not responsible for the possible technical problems that could derive from the installation and use of programs related to this website, nor are they responsible for the existence of virus in the files provided by the collaborators.

University of Geneva will supervise the fulfilment of the previous conditions as well as any improper use of their websites, by exercising all their rights, according to the Law.

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