Colloques de la Section de Physique

Les colloques de la Section de physique ont lieu les lundi à 12:30 dans l'auditoire Stueckelberg.

Date Conférencier Titre
15.05.17 Jean-Marc Triscone
Interfacial Effects and Superconductivity in Oxide Heterostructures
20.03.17 Laura Baudis
(University of Zürich)
Illuminating the dark: direct searches for cold dark matter in the Milky Way
06.03.17 Ronald Hanson
(Delft University)
The dawn of quantum networks
12.12.16 Francis Halzen IceCube: The Discovery of Cosmic Neutrinos
07.11.16 Thierry Giamarchi (UniGE) 01110 or Everything Condensed Matter wanted to know about Topology (but was afraid to ask)
26.09.16 Eliezer Rabinovici (Hebrew University) On the phases of gravity and the black hole information paradox
06.06.16 Francesco Sylos Labini (Enrico Fermi Center) Science and the Economic Crisis
Jeudi 28.04.16 Colloque extraordinaire

Robert W. Boyd

Quantum Nonlinear Optics: Nonlinear Optics Meets the Quantum World
18.04.16 Boris Altshuler (Columbia University) Between Localization and Ergodicity in Quantum Systems
11.04.16 Mathias Fink (Institut Langevin) Wave Control in Complex media with spacetime transformations
21.03.16 Dirk Van der Marel (UniGE) The nature of the superconducting state in the cuprates
22.02.16 Michele Maggiore (UniGE) The first direct detection of gravitational waves
18.05.15 Marek KOWALSKI (Humboldt University of Berlin) Deciphering the high energy astrophysical neutrino signal
20.04.15 Nicolas GISIN (UniGE)  What is physics ? A personal account
02.03.15 Morgan MITCHELL (ICFO, Barcelona) Quantum metrology in the age of applications
27.02.15  Elisabeth GIACOBINO A quantum memory for twisted photons
08.12.14 Tobias GOLLING (UniGE) "Planning for the next discovery with LHC's Run II"
24.11.14 Lukas ENG, (IAP) "AC/DC DWC" AC & DC domain wall conductivity in charged ferroic domain walls 
10.11.14 Arieh BEN-NAIM Entropy of mixing and entropy of assimilation. An informational theoretical approach
03.11.14 Joe SILK (Oxford) The Challenge of Galaxy Formation
20.10.14 Alan MIGDALL (NIST) A “Fundamental” Measurement Limit and
Communicating beyond that Limit
29.09.14 Roman SCOCCIMARRO (NYU) Recent Progress in Large-Scale Structure


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