Studies Plan

Bachelor in physics – 3 years

Mathematics : analysis, algebra, physical basic computing : Mechanics, electrodynamics, thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and statistics
Introduction lesson : particles and cores, solid physics and astrophysics
Optional lesson and practical class

Careers : Computing, finance, scientific journalism, etc.

Master in physics - 2 years

Orientation : Particle physics,
physics of quantum matter,
theoretical physics,
applied physics,
astronomy and astrophysics

Personal work supervised in a research group


PhD/Doctorate - 3  to 5 years

Specialised éducation (doctoral school for French-speaking Switzerland).
Personal research work.
Integration in a research group.
Publication of the results.
Participation in teaching.

Careers : research, education, industry, management, finance, medical applications, meteorology, climatology, energy, environmental applications, etc.


Excellent teacher-student ratio, a limited number of students, a full range of studies, exceptional supervision, personal relations, top research.

Agenda de la Faculté

Conception et réalisation : Sur Mesure concept