Applied Physics Group (GAP)

Physics is not simply preoccupied with revealing the secrets of the Universe. It brings much more to society by contributing to economy and environment through applications ensueing its discoveries. In order to facilitate the bridge between fundamental physics and its applications, the group of applied physics (GAP) was set up in 1980. Its centers of interest are voluntarily varied to multiply the chances of technological transfer.

Today, GAP gathers four active groups in the following fields :

  • biophotonics, which develops new processes to trace and even control biological and atmospheric systems. The target applications are identification of bacteria in the ambient air, the measure of pollutants, the early detection of cancers and lightning control ;
  • optics, working in classic and quantum communications by optic fibre ; this group also invests in the very promising field of quantum cryptography, reputedly unbreachable based on the very particular properties of quantum physics ;
  • physics of climate, exploring the function of the climate system with the help of numerical models and attempting to evaluate the environmental and economical impact of perturbed climate because of8 human activity during the 21st century ;
  • superconductivity …. Which focuses on the latest developments in the domain of materials and superconductivity in order to incite industrial interest.


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