Doctorate in Geology


The Faculty of Science offers the title Doctor of Science, with specialisation in Earth Science. To be eligible for this title, Candidates must have obtained a Master's Degree in geology, engineering geology, natural science, environmental science or some considered equivalent. The Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences provides the possibility of completing a Doctoral Degree either entirely within one of its member departments, or as a combination between departments. Candidates interested in obtaining a Doctoral Degree within the Section of Earth and Environmental Sciences should directly contact a professor performing research in a field of interest. At any one time, we normally have about forty doctoral students within our section. Their projects are financed either by industry partners (e.g. oil and mining companies) or by national or international research funding agency (e.g. Swiss National Science Foundation, European Research Council)


Règlement d'études général du doctorat ès sciences

Mention sciences de la Terre

Mention sciences de l'environnement


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